No jet bridges available nearby

Hmmm 🤔

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Based off this picture alone, it’s quite evident the gate is way too small for your plane. That said, which airport and at which gate was this at?

Hello! Not all 3D Airports have jetbridges, here is a detailed list of them in the blog.

And, what airport were you in and at what gate?

It’s a 757, I think it fits. 757’s fit in single jetbridge gates, I think? I’ve boarded one IRL with a single jet bridge.

That’s an A330. Regardless, knowing which airport and which gate will help pinpoint and see if it’s an issue with the jet bridge or not.


Nice eye, they look very similar from this angle. I was basing it off the engines, they are similar.

Anyway lets wait for the person to give us more info.

You parked at a small gate for regionals lol

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I think it might be KJFK. If so, KJFK has issues with Jet bridges at the moment, that should be fixed soon.

yes, it is KJFK airport. btw, I parked my plane at gate 24 in terminal 5

Yeah, see Chris’s reply up top and Adam’s comment below. JFK will get moving jetbridges at a later date.

No its not a 757, look at the windows and the size. it clearly is an A330-300. but if it was a 757 it would easily fit in that gate

In the picture it does say you are going 12 knots so that might be a problem too. and an a330-300 should never park at a gate that small. here is a tip, try finding a gate with 2 or more jet bridges when you are in a wide-body aircraft.

The answer for why this issue is happening has already been provided. The speed you see is also the airspeed, which bears no effect to how jetbridges work.

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ok but the tip is still helpful