‘No Jet Bridges Available Nearby’ at KCLT

I have had a consistent issue every time I’ve tried to connect a jet bridge at KCLT since the new update. The hotfix and cleaning the scenery cache did not fix this issue.

Every time I try to connect a jet bridge there, it gives me a ‘No Jet Bridges Available Nearby’ error. It seems it is sensing the bridges’ existence but not connecting properly to connect the bridge.

This is an issue with every gate at the airport, not big or small gates.
Device: IPhone SE (New Generation)
Operating system: IOS

CLT did not get moving jetbridges when the app was updated. Hopefully they will come at some point!!

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Hi! This is a known issue. This show should hopefully be addressed in the near future.


KCLT was not in the list of animated JetBridges when 22.1 was released neither JFK.

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Will be added in a future release.