No Intersection Departures questions

If the ATIS disallows intersection depatures, do I have to

  • go all the way to the start of the runway if there is a displaced threshold (eg. 22s at KEWR)?
  • use only the taxiway at the very end of the runway if there are two very close taxiways near the end (eg. 4L at KJFK)?
    Also what do I do if I manage to get stuck somehow?

Intersection departures should never be used at KEWR or KJFK.

They’re reserved for places where the intersection is the only way to access the full length of the runway. Think of TNCM, where a small plane trying to depart from next to the ramp could prevent a heavy that just landed and is back-taxiing to exit from taxiing back to the ramp.


Apparently I heard it’s pretty common to takeoff from 22R displaced threshold at KEWR to avoid crossing 29 or something like that.

For visual reference:

If intersection departures were allowed here, aircraft could takeoff from taxiway B and block traffic from accessing taxiway A.

I’m just talking about in infinite flight. IRL is a different story which I’m not sure about.

Imagine intersection departures at C or D though… that’s going to be an issue as well.

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I can tell you from a real life perspective and a quick look at the chat you posted, that I never would like to take off from B. Too much runway lost in that case

Well intersection departures wouldn’t be from there anyways. I’ve heard a 747 not go all the way to the last taxiway at CYYZ though. Anyways this is going way off topic. I’m only talking about how to interpret the ATIS instruction.

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For me it means you have to use the line-up point at the very end of the runway, but if there are mutiple ones intersecting at the end (like at 27R at EGLL) that is surely fine to use. The displaced threshold would be an intersection though if the parallel taxiway continues, but we’ll see what IFATC members will post.

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lets take JFK runway 31L as an example:

In this case, the threshold is displaced to the yellow highlighted part, but all the red labelled taxiways would still count as intersections.
The green taxiways are very close to the end of the runway and would all be suitable if “no intersections departures” is active.

Hope this helps.


If “no intersection departures” are in the ATIS, you need to takeoff at the end of the runway, not from an intersection. Not very close to the end of the runway, the last hold short point of the runway.

No intersection departures is reserved for places like LPMA for example, where the only exit would be blocked if someone were to try to takeoff at that intersection.


About the threshold, when in doubt, follow the other aircraft.

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