“No intersection departures allowed”

So a few minutes ago I was taking of from Runway 36R at RKPK, for some pattern work, as you do. I requested takeoff, and got the following “Speedbird 16, Runway 36R, cleared for immediate takeoff, make right traffic”. So I did, and once I was on right crosswind the Tower controller said “Speedbird 16, no intersection departures allowed”, “Please check tutorials on the forum…”.

Does anyone know what this means? I’ve watched all the tutorials on youtube and the only one about intersections is intersecting runways. Is it the same thing, and a mistake on the controller’s part, or is me and my apparent lack of knowledge of departures/patterns, etc?


Probably an incorrect button tapped, not sure what else…


What it means is that there was probably a line waiting to take off and you tried to take off from one of the intersections instead of going to the far end of the runway.

Here is a picture to illustrate.

Green Checkmark - Request Takeoff from here.
Red X - Do not ask for takeoff from here.


Ive never heard that command before!

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Thanks for quick replies, I was right at the end of the Runway and couldn’t have gone any further and no one else was taking off at the time. Might have just been controllers mistake.

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In that case it could have been a mistake or they clicked on the wrong plane.

Now you know :)


Neither have I. It’s weird.
Thanks guys!

Was this TS1 or expert?

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The pic you posted is still a little too confusing for us newbies…think l would understand a little better with a basic bar or line graph and a pie chart !!!

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Well, I knew what the photo was trying to say when I looked at it. I’m a newbie at looking at airport diagrams, but I managed to determine how it shows an example of what an intersection departure is.


Basically, I think that in order to prevent intersection departures, you have to taxi all the way to the end of the runway. Intersection departures aren’t allowed because there is a line of aircrafts waiting for take off. All aircrafts must taxi to the end of the runway for departure. That’s why there is a green checkmark there: to show that aircrafts must depart at the end of the runway.

The red “X” means that aircrafts are not allowed to take off from there when there is a line. Notice where the X is located compared to the green checkmark. The X isn’t located at the end of the runway. Instead, it’s located at a taxiway about a couple feet away from the end of the runway. As Chris said, no aircrafts should take off there. It depends on ATC whether to allow intersection departures or not.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I wrote this post to learn something new.


It was expert server

You could PM the controller if you remember who it was though it was very likely a mistake.

I could do, though they even said afterwards in a separate message “please check the forum for tutorials on how to use ATC instructions”

Maybe he thought that the command meant something else. I don’t know

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So much for my feeble attempt at some comic relief… or maybe even some "canned humour "…now I have to go back to karaokial school to learn the difference between a check and an “x” !!!

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