"No Intersection Departures Allowed, contact ground"

I’ve had this one a few times now, often on the advanced server, sometimes even when there is hardly any traffic in/around the Airport.

But not only that…

I’ve been Denied a intersection takeoff only one entry away from the “piano tile” entry before.
I don’t understand why intersection departures are not allowed in most circumstances…
Yes… I understand landing traffic is a priority when they need to exit the runway, but its not like theres planes lining up in every single intersection.

Someone wanna fill me in on this one? because I usually get off the ground with half the runway spare if I accelerate from the Piano Tiles.



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I allow these types if traffic and weather permits some may wont allow, this is the controller’s discretion

Some examples are

  • CLT 36R and 05
  • SFO 28’s and 01’s
  • HNL 08R and 04’s

See but thats the thing, sometimes its straight up unneccesary.

Flying GA or Reginal an intersection entry onto the active is an acceptable and expeditious procedure. The Communications Menu could be ezly modified to accept a “Request Intersection Departure Rwy #” interrogatory!
This request would compliment the Request Rwy & Request Depature to (direction) selections. Max Sends


Intersection T/O could be very useful. You can grant two planes line up and get rid off traffic quickly :)