No intersection departure I still do not get it

I still do not get the “No intersection departure”
I look at the ATIS 4.1
and i still do not get the “no intersection departure” remark
can somebody mayby make an animation when this remark is active and not?

Intersection departure means taking off from an entrance partway down the runway. No intersection departures means this isnt allowed.

The remark ‘no intersection departures allowed’ should be used when an aircraft is to hold short from an intersection and it blocks the only available taxiway for aircraft to taxi full length. For example I included an image of PHOG. On the image if an aircraft were to hold short just prior to the full length intersection (so second to full length intersection) it stops traffic from taxiing full length for departure since it is blocking it.

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Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 9.10.18 PM
It pretty much means you cannot enter the runway and depart from taxiway exit bravo


I get it now! thanks!


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