No information on ATC

So I just went to provide some ATC on training and I didn’t have any of the information I usually have on my screen. This has happened multiple times.

I think the problem is the observer status which is mentioned in the brackets (obs.)

What can I do?

This means that someone took that job before you. You and the other person were probably trying to get that position at the same time

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Hello Liam!

This is simply because when you went to spawn in, you and another person must have been going for the same frequency at the same time and they got it first, causing you to observe their frequency, rather than control it. I see you were going for KLAX, and it can get pretty busy there sometimes, so you can expect this type of situation to occur. If you’re looking to possibly improve your ATC skill and ability, feel free to open a smaller airport, and maybe even a tracking thread, and us IFC members can come fly for you. For guidance on how to make a tracking thread, check out this thread :


Yeah, as mentioned above, someone got the spot before you. This will not happen if you open up airports with less traffic (i.e. not the “hubs” of TS)

Okay thanks everyone 😊 very helpful and I probably will open an ATC thread later

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