No infinite flight livery?

With the recent a330 rework came a lot of liveries. One livery that didn’t show up though (that I’m kinda bummed about not seeing) is the Infinite flight livery that was present on the last 2 aircraft reworks. It’s a really nice livery and when we don’t have an airline that suits a certain route, instead of using generic we’d use that. My question is, why wasn’t it present with this update?


Whilst it is a shame it hasn’t come out yet, there is nothing to say it wont be out in the future.

Don’t forget the Neo should be coming in a future update, we might get it with that instead :)

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There are many reasons why it may not have been included however If you want it included you could always vote for it in #features by making it an official topic

There can still be hope for the livery on the A330-900 being added sometime in the future too!

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