No ILS on arrival runway

Hi everyone,

I was on approach to YMML and runway 34 had no ILS for arrival.

I’m wondering is it just a visual approach when arriving at runways with no ILS or is there another method.

Thanks for your help.

I think yes it’s a visual approach.

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R34 at YMML in real life has an RNAV, GLA, and VOR approach only. No ILS.

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In real life, it has different approach types, RNAV, VOR, etc, as said above. However, in Infinite Flight, if there is no ILS, yes, basically it is a visual approach. There is a visual approach YouTube tutorial you can watch on the official UF Yu
Tube channel you can watch if you are unsure how to perform such an approach.


You can use Visual approach for this runway

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Yep, you can certainly do a visual, but there is no reason you can’t do the VOR approach too on IF.

EDIT: if the waypoints are there you can do the RNAV approach too, although as we don’t have VNAV you would need to manage your descent and the chart will help with that with the check altitudes and table of descent rates based on ground speed.


Heap, without instrument you have to make the approach on your own eyes.

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