No Hud

3rd landing with no HUD, about -280ft/m, was it good?

Hi, you could post this in #screenshots-and-videos! I would reccomend cropping out the control panel and buttons

Thanks for the advice!

Just moved it

Oh that is normal just turn hud off and back on again:)

What you mean

He is not asking for support, he is sharing a screenshot.

I’m trying to learn to fly without the hud, to make it more realistic.

Oh sorry dude… I say just use the AP and NAV and IF assistant!

On final you’re supposed to turn off ap

well yeah just in Cruise and Flight:D use AP

Yeah sure, anyway was -280ft/m good for 3rd landing?

Yup good job!

Thanks you!

I’ve been doing the same thing lately, flying without HUD is actually nice once you kind of get used to it.


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