No HUD on LH A350

Posted on Lufthansa’s Facebook page, it seems Lufthansa opted out of the HUD option for their A350s. I wonder why, considering its been a very popular option for airlines to incorporate within the past few years.


Real world pilots have the skill of pull off good landings without a HUD. It’s money saving for an unnecessary feature IMHO.


Real pilots don’t need no HUD.


I agree to a certain degree, but it also creates a safer environment inside the flight deck. The person flying will be constantly aware of their flight parameters and can focus solely on flying the plane. It keeps the pilots head up and focused on the task. It’s not about skill, but safety. @USA007


I should have put a spoiler sarcasm underneath.

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You probably should have lol. Its the internet, hard to tell if someones being serious or not.


Lufthansa’s pilots don’t need that stupid green stuff to help them fly, they are too professional for that!

I think it’s because airlines can actually choose if they want HUD

Looks like Lufthansa will have to make a surport request

Don’t see why. HUD is a great tool.

Anything that helps make safer flying is a necessity.


HUD’s can also be distracting. After all, pilots have been flying just fine without them.

Maybe they’ll one later on, maybe…

surport = support

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No sense throwing a tool out of the tool box. There are potentially hundreds of souls riding behind you. Use the HUD, but be well trained in case it fails. Priority number one is always: fly the airplane. The HUD is not to be discounted when understood and used correctly.

On a side note I am a Boeing fan 100%, but that cockpit is expertly appointed.

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