No Ground Frequncy on OMAA (Abu Dhabi Airport)

Today, I decided to control on OMAA (Abu Dhabi). However, I noticed that the Ground Frequency is missing. I double checked the SkyVector and it shows that the Ground Frequency is available on Abu Dhabi which can be seen below as ABU DHABI Ground Control (123.97)

It will be appreciated if an Airport Editor can look into this issue and confirm if the Ground service is available or not in this airport. Thanks :)

How to Reproduce

  • Open Infinite Flight
  • Click “Air Traffic Controller”
  • Search and click “OMAA” (Abu Dhabi Int’l)

Device Details

Vivo V3
Android 5.1.1
Infinite Flight’s latest version


Have you tried restarting the app and/or your device? That might do the job.

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I have tried twice, but still the same unfortunately

I looked at OIIE and it showed Ground and Tower for me

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Interesting… try uninstalling and reinstalling Infinite Flight.

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Report here

This is related to airport editing.


Also a bug on the Tower Camera on OMAA. It showed OMAD’s Airport instead


Report with the link that Dush provided ;)