No gear drag on the A-380

I was on Final at KLAX and when my gear was up my throttle was at 22%. I then put my gear down and my throttle was still at 22%. I know there is gear drag for the other planes but not the A-380


I think this would be better in the features section. Not really a bug if 380 gear drag isnt in the sim yet ;)

I think tgere is gear drag on the 777

Gear drag is in the game

Moved to features since the A380 has no gear drag and I suppose it should/could be added.

Long live the DC-9!

My bad. I moved it to Bugs at first. Not sure if we had gear drag or not

We do have gear drag

I put it back to bugs cause that seems more fit for the topic

Somebody knowledgeable with IF’s features, please tell us if we actually have gear drag in the game? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if we have features that aren’t noticeable sometimes.

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There is gear drag on the 737,777 and ccx as far as I know. Maybe the erj. It would be a cool feature for the 380 to have

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no, it is not on the 380,777. its on the newer aircrafts from the 737 ;)

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Well explain to me why when i put my gear down with my speed at 165 knts and my sink rate is 0 my throttle goes up

It is on the 777

Go try it for yourself:/

I’d say since the ERJ’s have been reworked, it’s probably been added to them too. Haven’t flown one for a while, will check next time I open IF

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Yea your right. They do have Drag

Gear drag very noticeable on the ERJ-190