[NO GATES REMAINING] Chicago O’Hare - London Heathrow! @ KORD - 121600ZNOV17

Roger sir, ill get you a gate

thank you that will be great

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Ill have a gate, British airways 777-300ER

Roger that sir!!!

Unfortunatley I can’t come due to it being 2:00am in the morning here. :(

That’s ok but can you join my Shanghai to Newark event?

yes i can as it is 2 hours after my milkrun event

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Tear tear😭😭…

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I put that in the wrong topic sorry

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Please put me at gate M12

British Airways 747-400

Speedbird 482 Heavy

You you type it out so I can just copy and paste the flight plan? I can’t read the letters in the picture.

Just click the picture and then zoom in with your fingers, and I’ll get you a gate!

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I put you at Gate M16 because Gate M12 was already taken, is that okay?

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can i have a gate please

Yes, and your aircraft and airline?

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 if that is alright?

Is that is! I’ll put you down!

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Fine with me! @ZZBossGaming

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Can I get gate M08? I will be an A340 call sign Virgin 55 44 Heavy.

Roger sir! I’ll get you a gate!

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