[NO GATES REMAINING] Chicago O’Hare - London Heathrow! @ KORD - 121600ZNOV17

Well yes, but I am trying to make this event as realistic as possible so I can’t take US Airways

Ok then BA 787 9 calling sign BA780

zboss is there any way you can make an event on friday 10 2017

And are you taking part in both events Shanghai to Newark and Chicago to London ??

Yes I am…

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Let me ask if everyone is ok with it

@Goran12, @Joseph_Krol, @Daniel14, are you all ok with me changing this event to friday?

But we have that other flight

Oh yes of course.

I’m fine with that.

Which event will you be sticking around the longest with?

I will be at both events and will fly both journeys to the destination

Then sign me up can i be next to you

I’m really sorry but the only day that I’m available at that time is Sunday :(

Can you still make it on Sunday?

No im gonna have school the next day and

ok is there another event that you made

Yeah, one is shanghai to newark and the other is indonesia to paris

what day are those and will you be there

i will be fly American 787-9

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Just go check them out in the events categlory