No Gates at PAE?

I was planning to do a flight from KPAE but there are no commercial gates, what happened?

Define “no commercial gates”.

Theres only GA and the boeing stand’s or whatever but there’s no actual gates where commercial flights park irl

They probably haven’t been added by the IFAET yet

Where are those so-called “commercial gates”?

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 7.23.20 PM they’re supposed to be where the marker is

Ah I see.

The airport was done in 2016 and hasn’t been touched since, so it’s very much outdated.

ohhhh. I’m surprised. I thought it would be updated by now

Paine Field is located in the Seattle region of pre-global (many of the first airports edited back then were in this region).

Back then airport editing had different standards.


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