No Gates at Love Field (KDAL)

Why would there be no gates in Dallas Love Field (KDAL)? I know for sure KDAL has at least 20 active gates. All there is is a custom startup location showed in the picture above

Hello! No issue on your end. It appears that KDAL has not been edited by the IFAET yet.

Edit: I have confirmed that in the Repo, KDAL is currently being redone so it should be released in the next update if the editor completes it by then.


@Brandon_K I have selected a gate at DAL before. You might be right, maybe I am mistaken.

It’s confirmed that I am getting the same thing that the OP is getting across all my devices. Let me check the Airport Repo really quick to confirm.


Yes it it being redone by the IFAET and will be as it is in the real world in the next airport push.


KDAL is listed as being redone in the airport editing GitHub. The assigned editor however has not provided an update on his progress since his assignation.

I will contact the assigned editor to request an update on his progress. If no reply is given after a few days or no progress has been made, it will be re-labeled as a suggestion. This would be an open opportunity for any other editors to edit this airport if they’re interested.

If you’d like to possibly edit this airport yourself, please do consider joining the airport editing team. View our thread for necessary details and instructions on how to join. We appreciate your interest!

Thanks for the report.

Nathan Hope
Airport Editing Supervisor

Edit: Original assignee is no longer committed to redoing the airport. Now marked as a suggestion.



A lot of misinformation has been shared in this thread. First, #support is not the place for airport issues (under almost all circumstances). Secondly, if an airport is being redone there is no guarantee on when you will see it. It simply means that someone is assigned to it. We do keep track of these things internally to ensure that no one is hoarding an airport with no intentions to do it. Lastly, we have noticed that the inaccuracy form is being posted to these types of topics all too often. It is important to note that that form is only for completed airports. Posting an issue for an airport that has yet to be completed just wastes everyone’s time. If you would like to see which airports are currently in sim (only what you see, not including pending ones) is the place to go.

Of course, what Nathan has stated is correct as well, so this airport is currently up for grabs from any member of the team, and anyone is welcome to join. I would like to recommend that this airport not be done as a first airport, as it is quite large and complex, however it is open to anyone willing to give it a go.



Airport Editing Coordinator


Thanks for the helpful information folks. KDAL is definitely an airport that needs some TLC. I and many others are look forward to seeing the high quality airport that is produced sometime down the road. 🛫