No gate markings at LOWI

After touching down at LOWI I couldn’t see any gate outlines or even just a arrow marking the gates. So how do u know where to park? Help please

Not all airports have been updated yet to include the markings. So on this occasion you will have to use your best judgment on where to park. ( suggest that you have a look at an airport chart to help you).

The Airport editing team are slowly working their way around to updating all the airports. But there is a lot of airports (40000+) and not a large team!


Following on, If you ever want to help the
Airport Editing Team, visit their website here for further information on how to apply;


Yeah normally using the airport chart on live flight helps you line up etc :)

Hey mate, this is because the Airport doesn’t actually have them in real life. Take a look here.


Interesting, how do pilots in real life know where to park?

A crew on the ground, old style!

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look closer to the Terminal building they do actually i checked before making this post

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Yea okay, I see what you mean. I have picked up this airport for IFAET and will be doing it from scratch, as some of the markings are incorrect along with missing spawns, by the scenery push that will be after the next one it will be fixed and looking sharp and new.

I can help. Im an airport editor

Wait, there are airports that have this? Which ones?

All airports have charts. You have to google them and you can find the details.

Oh, I’m aware of that. I thought you meant in-game.

You can get them through the LiveFlight app if you have the Horizon subscription as well.

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