No gate choice issue

I did try restarting my device and uninstall and reinstall the app itself.

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Maybe try logging out and back in of your account? This often works for me.

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I’ve seen this before, I usually wait a few moments to let it load in and that works most of the time

@LegendaryRoro88 what device do you use for IF?

Asus Zenfone Max Pro

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Looks like a newer phone, do you have any issues with other apps being slow?

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Sorry for the late reply got busy

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Has this always happened or is this a new issue?

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This will happen but it usually loads in after a few seconds

Are you on a strong internet connection? Have you tried switching networks to see if there is any difference?


Unless there’s a really slow connection…
I think we’ve found the problem!

I had a strong connection. I was connected to a pocket wifi at a large city. So, obviously that wasn’t the issue .

Ah, did you see any signals like lack of ATC comms or the yellow icon in the top right hand corner? Quite sure it’s the connection. Even pocket wifi might not be enough, since it is KLAX

The icon was a green check mark. Anyways, it is fine now, but when it happens again I will post it in another thread.