No ga restriction but no GA?

So I went to LIRP for some patterns cause it’s the only airport with ga parking open when I did it. The notam popped up and for restrictions it said " No Commeecial Aircraft" and " No heavy aircraft". Neither of those describe the c172. So why ain’t I allowed to fly?

That popped up for anyone who is flying into that AirPort, don’t worry :) it’s called a NOTAM.

Your allowed to fly there

Because it’s a military FNF :)

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It’s for all users regardless of what aircraft you are using. Just click okay and continue

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I got told to check forum for ATC instruction. before I could even calibrate my controls.

Do you have a screenshot of this incident?

Still… the notam NEVER said anything regarding ga. So when I spawned in there shouldn’t have even a prob. I want gonna leave the airspace and just wanted proper patternwork instead of that TS BC but I guess that’s not gonna work cause ATC doesnt follow the notams properly.

Notam said you will be reported so I instantly logged off.

Ok, I get that but if your in a aircraft that’s allowed you should be good, C172 right?

Yes. I was in H145NJ my c172 and as soon as I spawned in I was told to check forums. NOTAM Never said ANYTHING about no ga. So the ATC needs to reread the notam in my opinion.


Yes try again now, it should hopefully be fine as I have alerted the controller.


If your in a C172 you can’t be ghosted, it’s the requirement, if you do get ghosted you can PM a with the controller to figure it out :)

Edit: just read the FNF for tonight, you have to fly a Military airplane, sorry!

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Despite the fact if it is allowed or not:
It’s FNF event about military flying. There is no point in doing GA Pattern in my opinion.
More than 90% of the year is civil aviation at FNF, and the one of two times it is military you want to do GA pattern work in the smallest and slowest aircraft in the IF inventory at a controlled Military Airspace.
Sorry for the rant, but I do not understand that!
Use a Cessna208 in Iraq AF lively at least…


The controller is now aware so continue as you were. I apologise for what happened and I hope you enjoy your flight :)

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C172+Pattetns+Proper Controlling=bad. Dont state your opinions unless they are helpful please.

I think @Major-Tom 's point is valid, but you can use the 172 with a CAP callsign I’m pretty sure.

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Now I know why you are doing this. Thanks for the clarification.

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If you just read the forums like the ATC told you to you would have found out that there is a military FNF and that’s why civil aviation isn’t allowed 🤦‍♂️

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Notam=no restricted on ga so it should be allowed anyway