No FX sound

So I’ve noticed lately when I’m flying I’ll get the ATC sounds but suddenly no FX sounds. All sounds that are not ATC I can’t hear, also IFAssistant loses connection to IF at the same time as well and then a few minutes later the app crashed… not sure what’s wrong but it’s incredibly frustrating to crash one minute from touchdown after an ultra-long haul.


If you receive a call during flight this could be the problem and make sure silent mode is off on your phone.

I was having that same problem, and for me it helped to reinstall the app, or software update the device you are using!
And yes, as @PilotA320 mentioned the call might be the problem. Also you pausing too much quickly may interrupt the game too.

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Hey there! I’m sorry to hear that this is happening. If you don’t mind, can you answer a few questions?

  1. Do you happen to be switching audio sources (i.e., headphones, speakers)?

  2. Do you have any notifications that may have interrupted your session, such as phone calls, texts, etc.?

  3. Are you having any sounds issues in other applications? Or is it just Infinite Flight?

I have I similar issue where sometimes only ATC messages can be heard but no other sounds

Also I now think my IF Operations disconnects at the same time

Hi there, sorry you’re experiencing issues with the simulator. This is a known issue and the developers are looking into it. Thanks for the report.

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