No fuel

The line goes down

You’ll find that eventually you’ll reach a point where the line is no longer visible - have play around with it to see which way the line goes depending on which way you trim. I often find that trimming very slowing shows the line moving more clearly.

I’d recommend taking a look at these when you have the chance for more information!


Just searched up your flight on Liveflight. I guess that you are following the real life flight (LH716). I would recommend descending to FL330 as this is the first altitude that the aircraft climbs to until it enters the Russian airspace.

Also, what is your speed?

M.86, I am DLH1115E

Yep, that’s you. Descend to FL330 and stay there for the time being. Don’t forget that the aircraft will burn more fuel at the earlier stages of the flight because it’s pretty heavy. You should not climb to FL370 right away.


But that’s what @Mika told me to do, climb

Don’t. If you are too heavy and climb too high, the fuel burn will get worse. What I am telling you is what the real-life flight did/does. Start at FL330, climb higher once you get lighter.

How much VS? @Starley

Your discretion. Since you are descending, it won’t matter a lot.

Is 500 Good?

Yes, that should be fine. As I said earlier, keep in mind that the aircraft will burn more fuel because it’s heavy. You might still get the low fuel warning at the beginning.

OK, I’ll update you what’s happening and you’ll tell me what to do OK?

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Well, the ETE is still red but the fuel time isn’t moving

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Try Mach 0.84, still a good cruising speed but should use less fuel than .86.

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@Starley it’s not helping I’m loosing fuel

No, I have ti reach RJTT today you know

Guys I’m losing fuel please help

What is you callsign(so I can find you on

Be patient. You should really start “worrying” if your about 2-3hrs from landing and still low on fuel. I have started with up to 2hrs of “not enough” fuel but as my aircraft got lighter I ended up arriving with over 2hrs left of reserve fuel. Make sure you step climb well and also keep in mind during decent you barely use any fuel so you can save up to 30min of fuel by descending properly.

Check this tutorial out:

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Also remember that your plane gets lighter as you burn fuel which will help out. That is not included in the fuel time math.

A screen shot of your full hud may help.