No Fuel Usage

I am flying in the A321 from KFLL-CYYZ in the ES, and my Fuel Used just shows up as 0kg. I have been flying for 52 minutes (and counting), and it hasn’t gone up. I was going to claim this for my VA…any ideas?

Are the engines still running haha?

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They are yes lol. 14,000kg left

Hmm. Maybe when you are done with the flight try and restart your device (or just close the app and go in again)

I’ll try that once I land. I’ll have to see if the VA will accept the flight with no fuel usage lol


Weird. Can you check if your fuel quantity changes? Select “Fuel Load” under one of the options in the information bar at the bottom and observe if there are any changes.

Yeah it goes down, fuel burn of 3,850~kg/hr

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