No Frequency Despite On-Guard Warning

As you see in the picture tower told me that in an active airspace contact dubai tower but no tower is available as u can see why? Also when i made auto approach the aircraft turned away from the airport
Training Server

Being the training server chances are the ATC was still learning and did not know the distance before you could contact frequencies.

This happens from time to time on the Training Server and you just go with the flow. Tower should be available around 25-27-ish miles out.


Oh okay thanks

But why did the aircraft turned away from the airport when i activated approach

For that we would need to have more information. What was your heading, what was the runway heading, how far out were you.

Sometimes if your angle is too far (ie over 90 degrees) for the turn it may try to do a circle to re-capture the ILS.

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I was near the airport and on the final approach level from landing

It is hard to tell without a video of it. See if it happens again and if it does you can post that in a new support topic for it.

Have a look at this topic, it has some good information.

To verify 100% if Tower is active on an airport, go to the map, click on the airport blue dot, and view the frequencies that are active. Often you can TUNE the frequency there (if it’s active) before it appears in your communications screen.

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