No frequencies to tune to

I am currently flying a B777-200ER over Russia (between Kazakhstan and Mongolia) and although there are ATC towers nearby (UNBB and UNWW), I cannot tune into their frequencies. Why is this?

Maybe you’re too high or too far away from them? :)
Knowing more details about your precise position and altitude would be helpful here.

I’m cruising at FL370 and I’m roughly southeast of those airports. Hope that helps

There’s your answer.
The only frequency you should be able to tune into at that altitude is Center if one were to be open. No other frequencies serves that altitude.

Thank you :-)

If I’ve identified you correctly (Koreanair 5507), then at all times you were more than 100 nm away from UNBB both UNWW, which is several times over the range of their frequencies

I’m not Koreanair 557, my call sign is Austrian Heavy. Also, I’m flying on the casual server, if that helps :-)

if you are on casual there will be no live ATC!

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Ok I’ve found you and the situation is the same: at your closest, you were about 60 nm away from UNBB and around 120-130 from UNWW, which is still far beyond their range

Ok then, that makes sense. How do I know how far I am from a particular airport?

Unless it’s on the ATC screen or in your FPL - you can’t. I’ve used liveflight for the route and then google maps measurement tools to find out the distance

Thanks for your help