No fog?

whenever i put low visibility down, it doesn’t change at all, I’ve tried restarting my iPad and deleted and installed it again.
Any help?

You have to be high to see the fog, or over the fog, you can obviously not see it when you’re in it.

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Thanks, but i mean the visibility is still high even though im flying and is low visibility…

Even if you put it the lowest?

Yes, like i said it doesn’t change at all. it just keeps it high visibility even though I put the low visibility

Is it in live or solo

Solo mate, all the settings are high

Show me you settings

I’m out currently, will do once get home :)

Ok, contact me when you’re home!
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This is also a problem for me

This happened a few times for me too. You will have to turn your visibility almost all the way down.

This happened to me and the only way I found that worked for me was to shut my iPad down completely wait about an hour then start it up. Hope this helps :)

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