No fly zones

Hi, are no-fly-zones a thing? I am not talking about the ones in the Denver region. But everywhere else for volcanic eruptions or any major storms?

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The only known TFR’s are above Aspen & Lukla ;).


You need to rely on your own individual research before flying. Checking up weather and notams for airports is pretty easy.

They’re the occasional no fly zones like military air force bases.


Here’s a link to all the no fly zones across the globe.


The only places where there are certain restrictions for flying are the ones with red circles on top of them and if you click on it; it will give you more information on the type of restriction. This only applies to TS1 & Expert not Casual.

NFZ are very common in the western hemisphere examples: Disneyland, The White House, dense downtown cities and more.

MaxSez: Careful there experts, a “No Fly Zone” is different from Restricted AirSpace.

“A no-fly zone or no-flight zone (NFZ), or air exclusion zone, is a territory or an area over which aircraft are not permitted to fly. Such zones are usually set up in a military context, somewhat like a demilitarized zone in the sky, and usually prohibit military aircraft of a belligerent power from operating in the region. Aircraft that break the no-fly zone may be shot down, depending on the terms of the NFZ. Air exclusion zones and anti-aircraft defences are sometimes set up in a civilian context, for example to protect sensitive locations, or events such as the 2012 London Olympic Games, against terrorist air attack.” (Wiki)


@Aviator_Airbus… MaxSez: Careful there Pilgram, DC, Disney etc are “Restricted Air Space” not “No Fly Zones”. Google is your friend!

NO FLY(Prohibited) Shoot Down)

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Theyre different type of zones.

The only DO NOT FLY ZONE will have to be a “prohibited airspace”

every other you can fly into with proper coordination on entering into it.

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