No flights to make

So, I really wanna fly in this FNF but I don’t have flights to make. I did one flight from LTBA to OJAI and now I want to make another flight but I can’t. The only flights in the next hours are made by planes with liveries which doesn’t exist in IF, there is just one flight from OJAI to LLBG with a 787 of royal joardanian and there are more than 5 which are making this flight… I wanted to ask you what do you do in this situation… Because I don’t like to make pattern work or things like this I want it to be realistic.
By the way I don’t think OJAI is good for FNF because from 1500z the Israeli airspace is closed because it’s Saturday so there are almost no flights

If I where you I would grab a GA aircraft and do some flying, that way you can go anywhere you want.


Are there TBMs in Jordan?

I totally agree with you also now that te TBM is released you can do some scenery flying over the desert

I know the desert I flew there in the real life and I live nerbay :) but the north of Israel is interesting… Are there TBMs flying in Jordan sometimes?

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