no flights in all flights logbook

Hey guys,

So my last flight before the last update was EHAM-KATL. It was perfecty set in my all flights logbook. After the update I’ve done so many flights and they just don’t pop up, it seems like my all flights just doesn’t update, while they do pop up in my live flights. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and I saw all my flights were gone in my all flights logbook, now that isn’t that big of a deal I just want to know how can I get my flights to show up in my all flights logbook again?

Any tips?


The “All Flights” is device driven so uninstalling clears out the log from the log book.

“Live Flights” is server based which is why you can see them there.

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Thanks for your reply!

Yes I knew that and that ain’t a big deal. I’m trying to say is that when I do a flight, that exact flight won’t pop up in my all flights logbook, while they do pop up in my live flights logbook. Do you have any tips on how to get to see your flights in your all flights logbook?

Ok I will look into it. It is happening for me too. My “All Flights” is blank.

What device are you on?


I’m on the Iphone 6S.

Right so I did a small flight in solo (not online, what i usually always do)
And right now it does show the flight I just did in solo, my all flights isn’t blank anymore. But when I go back to online and do a flight it still won’t show up in my all flights. So it seems like when I fly solo, the flight pops up in all flights, but when online, it doesn’t.
Is it my settings fault or a bug?

Right now it looks like “All Flights” shows solo only. The Live Flights will show all of your flights on Casual/Training/Expert.

Looking into it more, thanks for the report!

Alright, I hope you guys can fix it!

Thanks a lot for helping out!

It may be by design. Your flights are there so nothing is missing.