No flight plan in live flight plotted on map

Has been a while since the plotting of flightplan on the map worked in live flight. Was just wondering if that’s a known issue? I have a flightplan, I have a startvairport anda dedtination airport, i have a livevflight horizon subscription…
any advice? am
i misdingbdkmething frim my side? i checked itvin iphone and ipad ( bith ios 11.4.1)


Oops sorry for the typos. Self correction in a wrong way :-) I attach a pic as well

Is it possible that you’ve clicked on toggle flight plan?

The flightplan will disappear if you click on that.

Yes I did indeed. But it’s the same even if I don’t click toggle flightplan image

Hmm, @MishaCamp might know more.
I don’t seem to find a solution/problem.

Did you restart the app?
Did you restart your device?

Yep, both on both devices

Weird, I suggest that you contact Misha.

Ok, will do. Thank you

No problem, I hope that your problem will be fixed!

Does this happen on every flight? Your flight plan looks like it loaded fine on the server.

The last few days it worked again … strange

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