No flight controls

H have no roll or pitch with my iPad. Restarted app, used different aeroplanes at different locations in both multiplayer and solo. Also deleted app and restarted cashe etc… still the problem persists…any suggestions please!!


Are you able to send a screenshot of what is appearing please?

Also make sure that:

  • Your device is updated to the latest iOS version.

  • Clear any unnecessary background apps whilst using IF.

  • Make sure autopilot is not connected, and re-calibrate your device.

Hey ! Have you tried restarting your device?
Give that a go !

No flight controls work… not sure how to send a ss of nothing …??

Have done @George_Anastasis

Oh the best thing to do here is either restart the app and if it doesnt work reinstall it it has happened to me in the past and this is probably will fix it

Do you have anything unassigned?

It works now… all good thanks for your help


Hey man no problem. Hope it never happens again!

Your welcome man anytime!