No fixes around airports

I was trying to create a flight plan to the airport in my city and couldn’t find any Fixes around it. There are no Proc on the airport and I couldn’t figure out how to make it a bit realistic. Since, i live close to a very “Non-Friendly” international border, the arrival and approach to the airport has to be very sharp.

I got like a couple of questions :

  1. The fixes we see on the map, how are those generated? Can I as a user create them and fix them there?
  2. The same thing for PROC, who is responsible for creating them?

To answer both questions, all of this navdata is provided by Airbus’ Navblue company. These do get updated by Navblue but this has to be done manually by the developers. That’s about as much control you can get from their navdata and hence, you cannot create custom fixes or procedures.

Which airport is this based on?

You can enter coordinates though.

Kinda overlooked that one and you’re right. I would still argue though that the alternatives such as entering coordinates (which can only be so precise) and creating more precise ones through editing your own .fpl files are not the most practical things in the world. In short, it wouldn’t hold the longevity of the likes of a custom edited airport

I would use a flight plan generator like, which does the route for you and converts any missing fixes to coordinates.

To do this manually, is it true you can only do this in combination with entering other already existing waypoints?

For example I’m at VHHX in Hong Kong, and my airplane location is shown as

If I want to see about placing a nearby waypoint at location:

If I search for 2200N/11400E on may aircraft’s map, I get no search results.

But if I enter VHSK 2200N/11400E, the search will ask if I want that FP and will draw legs to those two locations (and so it picks up my custom waypoint).

Is this the only way to manually enter a custom waypoint without any other applications?

I would say so, considering you’re inputting one custom waypoint in the sense that there is a difference between finding a waypoint that doesn’t exist and creating a route, at which the search bar does both.

@adit @Tsumia

I vaguely remember having to use square brackets for standalone coordinates. I’ll mess around with it.

Yup you’re right.

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@Tsumia Thank you. I think that makes sense too.

Thanks for checking. It would be kind of cool to be able to insert a custom waypoint directly into the map, and scroll it graphically somehow into the desired position. So you could add a waypoint, say, at the end of a runway cone where none exists in the database.

@Rajat So I don’t think this is the best answer to your question, but you can play around with manually adding waypoints. The main obstacle is determining what latitude and longitude work for your needs. So again, the map would recgonize this as two waypoints, but it won’t recognize the second waypoint on it’s own: VHSK 2200N/11400E

You can delete the first and the second will still be there. A custom waypoint system would be nice— in fact, planes equipped with G1000’s have that feature built in.

thanks for checking.
Unfortunately, I could not get it to work. I‘ll generate a flight plan using fplToIF and see what the format is.

@Rajat Welcome to the community!

Good point, I neglected to mention.

I tried to search for a similar feature request, to add custom waypoints with a simple graphical input capability directly into the map but couldn’t find one so far. Surely someone would have done a feature request for that in the past? Maybe not.

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