No Features Left...

I think that just about every feature that a simulator could have has been mentioned… Taxiway lights, 3D objects, landing smoke and all that stuff… It’s all been mentioned. There’s probably like 5 or 6 more things that could we missed, but there really haven’t been any feature requests recently that could change Infinite Flight’s realism significantly. I thought about any other features we could’ve missed for like half an hour, but nothing came up. Is there anything else at all? If not, then I guess the Features category is going to be dead for a while.


Hot air balloons…DIDNT THINK OF THAT ONE DID YA? 😜😂😂


Haha! I wouldn’t dare somebody to even make a topic about hot air balloons… 😂


Do there need to be more feature requests?

There are certainly many commercial aircraft yet to be requested

Such as?..

The future 797 lol

Lol! (Hopefully Boeing’s first full double decker)

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(Total failure)


BAC 1-11, Boeing, Douglas DC-1/-2/-4/-5, Junkers Ju-52, Nord 262, the 30s Electra series+lodestar, grumman mallard, etc., the many Stinsons, Junkers F.13, maybe the de Havilland Doves, Herons, and earlier commercial bi planes (Dragon Rapide, Express, etc.)

Not sure if the NAMC YS-11, Lockheed L-188 Electra


Tri-jets too.

The aircraft your account is named after. You Know the first successful commercial jet but third built

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Perhaps we should have the FIRST commercial jet…unfortantly not a commercial success however DID become the success that is the NIMROD MR1. Ie the DeHav Commet.

Britten Norman Islander still hasn’t been requested.

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I mean the 707 was the first commercially successful passenger jet however the third built in the world

agree with you, Comet was First Built, but 707 was the first commercial success!

I agree on this as well. There probaly a few tweaks ad ons here and there but hey, who knows wgat the developers are working on or have in mind

Still more details, aircraft, scenery, scenery features, realism to request!


James May’s Top Gear Caravan Airship!

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