No Engine

Your rendering quality should be higher I believe :)


No what happened was that I took a screenshot but I zoomed in

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My quality in IF is always set to high and very high for airplane count

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Alright, then I’m a bit confused on how that happened.

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Yea on center angles the engine appears back but on some there was no engine

Maybe put this in #support?

No I don’t think it should it was just a one time thing

If the issue persists, be sure to make a new post and put it in #support!


You should post the picture here.

This is not really what the #screenshots-and-videos Category is about. Next time post a HD picture of some kind of a Flight you have done. Thanks.


Is it just a one off or is it consistent?

The new Dyson turbines.


That beats the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner in fuel efficiency.


One time only

Were you plane spotting for YT?

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Eh must be a RyanAir plane 😏

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That’s a pretty cool NEO option (No engine option)


Anywhere where there’s heavys traffic

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It cannot fly.

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Has to do with level of detail I believe. When a plane is further away, you see lese details (no wing flex, no moving surfaces for example) to make it easier to render more planes

1/1 by pass ratio