No engine sound

Can hear ATC but have no engine sounds on iPad Pro iOS 17.3.1

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Check if your sounds are turned on in the settings > audio.

If those are on max, you can try restarting your app or device.

It happens to me too, usually when I disconnect my AirPods. I haven’t found any way to fix it besides closing the app and opening it again. I just try to avoid using Bluetooth in flight.

Exactly the same for me

Have you tried rebooting the device?

@Yukiros_31 @derrick1226 @Westeros , some possible solutions could be:
1)Rebooting the device

2)go to the menu by clicking the 3 horizontal Lines and then going back into the game by just tapping Resume

3)or swipe up from the screen so you can see all the apps that are open (Multi Tasker) and go back onto IF, If you have a button IOS device, then double tap it so you can see all the apps and then click on infinite flight.

Let me know if it works :)

-Good day!

Updated to the latest iOS, didn’t realise there was an update, and it seems to be ok now - all sounds restored.