No electronic display on the C172?

I’ve checked that there is no new updates for the app, but the C172 still has the old flight instrument and not the new electronic one? What should I do to get the new electronic display?

It depends on the livery :) Try the Embry Riddle one for example.

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Oh yes. Thank you. Is it only this livery with the electronic display?

Nope, there’s others as well like F-HATZ. Don’t recall exactly which ones from the top of my head though :)


To add on to Seb, here is the list:

Livery Panel
Civil Air Patrol Steam Gauge
Default Steam Gauge
Embry Riddle G1000
F-HATZ G1000
N1322K G1000
N456DX G1000
Near North Aviation Steam Gauge
Yellow Blue Steam Gauge

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