No Door Animation on replay

Hello, I’m currently using the iPhone 11 and I’m experiencing some issues with the replay. I don’t know if it’s just me but the doors of the of the 777 have no animation when closing. Maybe there is a bug on it I’m not sure but can you please fix the problem. The software I’m on is iOS 14.4 which is currently the latest version.


do the door not close and open only in the replay or is it in the real time game too?

Hi, did you happen to jump a big distance on the timeline before that happened?

If you have an old replay then it happens. I too have this issue with the older replays (especially the ones before 20.3) and after 20.3 replays don’t have such problems.

At least that’s what I experience

It’s only in replay it doesn’t open and close properly but in the real game it does.

okay. have you tried to clear scenery cache

It wasn’t an old replay cos I’ve recently done my flight yesterday and it just happened.

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Strange. Try clearing scenery cache as @Saudia263 said

Scenery cache has nothing to do with aircraft and replay function. Have you tried restarting your device?

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I’ve done that but it still there is no change

Done that but again still remains the same

Define “no animation”. Are the doors not closing?

I have noticed my cockpit gauges do not display the same as during the actual flight too. Example if I had the HUD on in cockpit views and Nav to " Arc mode"
neither display in replay. The time and weather do not replay either, I need to change the replay to reflect what was actually flown… I guess because this would have been a real time streamed live data feed, and its not stored. i will have to see if my door positions are replayed , thanks

No I didn’t skip the entire timeline or anything like that. I went to the beginning of the replay, saw that the all the doors opened up as it was meant to be in the real game, watched it play until all the all doors closed with no animation whatsoever.

Could you share us a replay via I would like to see if the replay file has been corrupted, rather than a device issue.

Okay so this is what I mean. So say your flying the C17 Galaxy (even though it’s on Infinite Flight) and you set your flaps to whatever setting…no animation. That’s the same thing that is happening with the B777 when the doors close. They don’t close separately, they close altogether with no animation. You get what I’m saying

But they’re closing…that’s an animation.

Ye but not in a like how you would expect the close in the real game. If I have the footage then you’ll know what I mean.

Yes, footage would help.

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