No 'distance to descend' on the VNAV tab

Hey! I set my VNAV for about 10 nm before my TOD, but the distance doesn’t show up on my VNAV box in the autopilot. I’m flying a 737-800. And it doesn’t show up for the future legs as well. The VNAV works fine - but it would be great to have the distance to descent. Am I missing something?

It’s kinda hard to picture in my head, can you send a screenshot?

No you are not missing something, you can’t see it once you crossed your TOD

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Yeah, can we see a screen shot of the VNAV, and the autopilot?

Thanks! That was it.
This can be closed now

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Let me add something, if your next decent is too far for a 3° glide, your TOD will appear again.

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