No device to play IF

I’ve been an active IF player for the longest time. However, I’ve damaged my iPad badly and unfortunately I can’t buy another one right now. I don’t have any other device besides my laptop and phone, neither of which I can use. Is there any way to freeze my stats so that I can stay on Grade 3 (I’m really close to Grade 4)?

Hiya, the only stats you will loose will be 90 day Landings and flight time. The most that will happen is that you’ll drop down to grade 2 temporarily, but it’s quick and easy enough to get back up to grade 3 again 😉


Why can’t you use your phone?

I still don’t understand why that’s even a thing. I was almost grade 5 and took a small break and dropped to grade 3!

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Yes same! I have 6010 hours of flight time, and 3.9 million xp! Yet the I’m still grade 3 because of the 90 day landing count!

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Exactly. I don’t get it, but we’ll just have to deal with it.

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Mirror your phone screen to the laptop and use both for IF 🙂

Jk. Hope you manage to fix your ipad or get a replacement 👍

Why? Because the landing you did 90 days ago takes the landing count from 200 to 199. That means you drop to Grade 4 instantly. You have to think about when you did all the landings in the past.

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Guys the reason that the 90 day landing count exists is to stop people just grinding to Grade 3/4/5 and then never playing again. To be able to be those grades and access the Expert Server you have to show dedication to the simulator.

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I mean it makes some sense that way.

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if your worried about the landing you can always just fly around OMDB doing touch and goes in a TBM930, you can get up to 10-15 every 5-10 minutes

Don’t worry, it will be a minor grade, just because you won’t land in 90 days, but you can touch and go and get your grade back, just remember to sign in with your account and don’t renew subscription without sign in, if you do that, you will create a new account.
Good luck!


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