No dev or pull for tug bottom in 24.2

Hi there infinite flight team, when the update came out for me I noticed that in the tutorial it had a dev button and a push for the tug but, when I updated to 24.2 they where not there on the rework a380 was, can you help tell me why this has happened?

Device: ipad OS 17.3.1
Operating system: infinite flight 24.2

The dev button is for staff only. The pull feature is still in testing with staff. Neither are available publicly :)


Currently, the pull feature is still in testing. This is mainly due to how it would work with ATC.

But it is a confirmed feature, we just do not know when it will arrive in the simulator.


Oh ok thank you very much! The reason I asked was because it was in the a380 tutorial.

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I like the pull tug feature but some players on Expert may exploit it to save fuel whenever they will taxiing from the gate to the runway hold point.

I don’t know about you but I won’t be a fan of taxing at 3-4kt all the way to a runway

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I think it is more of for taxing to like hangers or like maintenance places.

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