No departure controller , what to do?

Hey I just wanted to know, if there is no departure controller but there is an arrival controller do you just use the arrival controller or do you stay out of all frequencies?

Upon departure if there is no departure frequency then you should only contact Approach if you are handed to approach by Tower. If you are just given a ‘frequency change approved’ then do not contact Approach.

Upon arrival contact Approach if it’s active never departure unless handed to it by another controller.


After i depart and if there is Approach Controller i simply “Check-In” with them so they know where they have me also so that they can keep an eye on me so i don’t crash into somebody mid-air while leaving the airspace.

Do not contact approach unless tower hands you off to them. Approach may already be extremely busy and sending useless check-ins just adds to their workload.

If there is no departure you simply go about your flight plan while paying close attention to the radar to stay clear of inbound aircraft.


Yea. Go ahead and check in and after they give you the radar contact then proceed to send request flight following to wherever or VFR so they know your intentions

If you’re in a commercial aircraft you should never ask for flight following or flight following VFR. You should ask for radar vectors on departure.


I despise people who check in then ask me for something please read some tutorials and never do this again!

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I never request flight following as it is not necessary to do when flying a commercial airline which all i ever fly so…

Well I check in and if I dont say anything they ask for intentions so what do I do when they ask me that

And I usally fo patterns so I’m sorry for speaking about VFR @Trio

Try to make as little requests and commands as possible and everyone is happy. :)

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But what if there is no Approach controller

dun dun DUUUNNNN in all seriousness probably the same goes, if there is a departure don’t contact departure unless he tells you too and if there is no departure then just contact tower ounce you get in the range

There’s no need to check in, just ask for radar vectors. You’re using check in inncorrectly in that scenario. That’s not what Chris said.

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Understood, thanks for clarifying of what mistakes i do :)

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