No data displayed of aircraft in flight/on ground

Someone else experienced this? Also after landing in NZAA I saw not one aircraft on the ground also the map showed several taxiing.
Also I had the feeling ATC could not hear me.

I remember seeing you land…

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I think I remember seeing you, were you flying from an airport not too far away from NZAA ?

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He came from NZWP

Yes it was me … but for example after touchdown I even just saw “ unknown” as aircraft identifiers and could not see any aircraft on ground it was like landing on a ghost airport

Same happened before in YSSY where I was on final but then ended flight as I thought ATC could not see me.

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Just try reloading live. It was most likely a server glitch.
If not just do one of the following.

  • Clear your Cache
  • Restart your phone
  • Delete and reinstall the app

What is most likely was, was a server glitch, your phone not downloading the names and info properly, or a bug that the certain region gets.

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It wasnt NZWP thats too close to NZAA. I don’t fly to an active airport from an airport that is less then 100 miles away but I landed in NZAA

Will do this.

So far no further issues experienced, Topic can be closed please. Thank you for your assistance.