No custom tower at WSSS

I thought the hot fix had fixed this. This is the generic tower. Or is there still a bug with this?


There is an issue with the airport database which is causing this. The developers are aware and will fix it as soon as possible.


Really I thought in the hot fix it said airport updates had been fixed, but maybe didn’t include the new towers

I’m pretty sure it will be fixed in a future update!

SBGR it’s fixed.


If I’m correct, that’s the wrong location. There’s another tower somewhere.

They have two towers

As of the hot fix, the Changi tower should be custom. I have it in my ipad.

You may be looking at the tower located at terminal 4. The custom tower is located next to the drum-looking building meant to be Changi Jewel.

is that T4?

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No thats Terminal 1,2 and 3

The other tower further away from your location is the Terminal 4 tower

The tower has been placed here

Near the weird round thing

Changi Jewel(Its supposed to be a dome but eh)

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See it now on the replay, I could swear it wasn’t showing on my live flight

You have it now and that’s fantastic!

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