No controls

Device: iPhone 12 pro max
Operating system: 22.8
Does anyone know why I lost the control. Normally I can control the plane by tilting my phone to turn, climb and descend. But it is not working anymore. Can someone help me please?

This information would have been great :)
But assuming you’re on iOS where this issue is most common, the app have most likely lost contact with your device accelerometer. Just restart the device and you should be good to go!


Umm I tried. I even deleted and download again and it is still not working.

Did you shut down your device completely and then turned it back on?
And again, what device are you using? :)

iPhone 12 pro max

Then I’m 100% on what i said earlier.
Make sure to power it off completely and then back on.

Yeah it does work now. But because I deleted the game so I lost all of my replay. Thank you for your help.

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I’m glad you know what that means 😂