No control of the game

I just started my descend into JFK and suddenly I have no control of my screen whatsoever. Couldn’t adjust my speed, couldn’t open the map, couldn’t open the ATC menu. Meanwhile I was still descending and I couldn’t adjust my speed or contact ATC. Which resulted in the ATC asking me to contact them coz im in an active airspace and 2 speed violations.

I simply had to turn off IF to prevent me from getting any more violations or other consequences because of this issue. Idk if anyone else got this issue as well, but it was frustrating as it was at the end of my 5 hour flight.

Let me know how to solve or prevent this from happening.


Do you mean that the UI (User interface) didn’t appear?

like I couldnt select anything, no buttons, not the atc menu. thats why i couldnt slow down my aircraft or contact atc

But could you adjust the camera angle? (Angle, not view)

like everthing was there, but clicking didnt do anything

if I tried to click on any symbol/button, it didnt react

Oh that’s odd. So the UI was there, but no response on your touches?

yes, and i simply tabbed out of the game and shut it off, coz that was the only way to prevent me from getting more violations

Sorry I have no idea what it could be. Hope someone else knows a solution!

but that doesnt sound remotely the same as the problem i had

I haven’t seen or heard anything like that happen before, contact @appeals, send’em the replay file and they might be able to sort it out.

Are you sure it’s infinite flight or could it be your device?

Can provide all the details like os, device, beta, screenshots (optional)

its the only app it ever happened to, yes the S10+ is known for crashing when playing IF, but this is a whole different problem. coz the game was still running smoothly, only the inputs were gone

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Could you click the menu button to leave flight etc

i think that was the only one that worked yes, but the camera button was stuck too

but i just quickly left by closing the game instantly, because i didnt want to get any more violations

So that rules out the device if one worked

Any others work?

not that i could test, the ATC menu, flightplan map, autopilot buttons and camera buttons didnt work. After that i just quickly closed the app, as i dipped under 10000ft with 250+kts and atc tried to contact me, but i ofc couldn’t react. i have to say that i had this problem a few years ago on another device, but it hasn’t happened in such a long time that it kinda came by surprise

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