No contact planes

I controlled several airplanes and almost every planes didn’t contact until approaching the runway. I sent caution for 7-8 times.

What am I supposed to do actually??
I was doubt that the definition of the training server. It’s almost a casual server.

It’s training server, it’s practically casual with atc.
If you want to have people who will listen id suggestion checking this out and making a tracking thread or check out the IFATC recruitment thread


You can’t do anything about it. I recommend you make an ATC tracking thread. Check out the links @Alphadog4646 linked above.

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If you were tower than that’s what they are supposed to do. As long as they contact before touching the runway it’s fine. Ground says “Contact Tower when ready” once you get taxi clearance meaning you (as a plane) technically dont have to contact tower until you are holding short of your departure runway.


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