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Hello with me, infinite flight doesn’t start on the iPhone 11 Pro. It is said that it can’t connect and that stays even after new installations

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Step one is to make sure you have good connection to internet and WiFi, because infinite flight requires good connection to run.

Whats your current network strength? Also check if you’re area has an outage of some kind :) That happened to me yesterday for 2-3 hours

I have Good Internet Connection.

250 Mbit/s

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Sometimes some providers block certain ports that Infinite Flight uses (for whatever reason). Can you try using Infinite Flight on cellular (3G/4G/LTE)? Or, alternatively, try installing a VPN on the device you play Infinite Flight on and see if that helps.

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I just dont have weather connection but everything else is fine

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iOS 14.1 came out. Some folks are reporting apps being slower than usual.

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On My old iphone it has worked

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Please share a bit of history with us. Stuff like: is this the first time you are using IF on this device, have you tried it with WiFi switched off (run over mobile data). Have you tried re-installing IF, has your phone recently been updated.

The more you give us, the less we have to guess things


I have the newest iOS 14 version and the iPhone is new. So i have Not runed IF on that device. And i have tried to reinstall

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@Maxim has already suggested you try something, have you given it a shot to see if it works?

Ist doesnt work yet

Is it still working now on your old phone?

At the Moment Not. I have tested it yet.

If you could check that at your earliest convenience, that would be amazing. If the application doesn’t work on your old phone, it’s quite possible the issue is simply linked to your network rather than your device or the app.

Okay und wie kann ich das beheben ? 😅

Sie müssen zuerst überprüfen :)

English here buddy

I have tested it. it dont Go on the old an the nee iPhone.

Looks like it has something to do with your network. Have you or any family members made any changes to the router settings, such as setting up port forwarding, blocking certain addresses or just changing the router settings as a whole?

No. Nothing.