No connection to live server when flying

So this issue has happened on 2 occasions, basically I’m able to load in a flight, all the systems are all green. Then when I take off, I lose connection to the live server and the user account has a caution sign. I tap the user account error and it says account verification error. The weird thing is that the other 3 systems are all green. The user account keeps the caution sign throughout and the live server connection switches from red to trying to connect.

I don’t think this is a network issue, because my internet is working perfectly fine on my main phone, my desktop, and laptop. To fix this issue I have tried to restart my phone, reset the ram (hold power button then hold the home button), Renew lease on my WiFi network, and forgotten my network, but nothing has worked.

The device I play IF on is a IPhone 6s and it has iOS 12.0.1. Any advice would be great, I hope I’m posting this in the right place since I’m not sure if this is something I email IF or ask the community.

Have you tried unstall and reinstall?

Here is some screenshots of the system status.

It is likely to be your internet.

I have not yet, this was the next thing I was going to try after asking the community.

I get that every so often, so far, it hasnt turned out to be anything that altered my game play and would go away after awhile.

i wouldnt sweat it

I reinstalled the game, and it has seemed to have fixed the issue, so I guess that was the solution.

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this sometimes happens when your internet has problems