No comms to outside

In some cases, cellular connections can be a bit odd behaving in these situations. But it’s too vague to say it’s that for sure. I can fly using LTE without issues so…

I would not say it’s the device either. P20 Pro is a great device.

EGLL is usually quite crowded on Training Server too… could you perhaps try making a flight that way and see if it happens there as well? :)

Ok give me an hour I will do a flight into EGLL now I will put testcom as my flight call sign

Hello I just tried the flight to EGLL and they kept saying contact tower in active and i kept replying to no avail

Okay. That’s unfortunate…
I don’t know how your data plan is, but i recommend you reinstall Infinite Flight at this point.

I reinstalled it today so do you think I should do it again

Just for clarification. Can you respond to ATC but they aren‘t responsive to you or is it not even possible for you to send anything to ATC?

I can respond and send all comms but I don’t think it’s getting through as they keep sending contact tower in active

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Maybe they could see you as an UNKNOWN pilot?

Well I see most as a unknown even if they are close I am on the phone to my network company now to see if it is internet related

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