No comms to outside

Hey all can some one help me I have IF and I can hear all radio comms going on but no one can pick up my communication so I can’t ask for clearance or anything any suggestions as I have restarted and all
I am Playing on the latest smart phone out a P20 mate pro

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Were you reported recently?

No have not been reported as I stayed away from ATC since I found out

Then I do not know.Have you tried deleting and reinstalling IF?

Yes tried deleting it and have reinstalled it

It’s very strange as at first all is well then all lines drop for me but I can here all the other comms going on

Hmmmm.Sorry I can’t help but hope that problem will be resolved soon

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Thanks mate so do I hope one of the devs or support can help

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Just to be clear as i read some conflicting information;
You say you stay away from ATC as you’re afraid of being reported? Who are you trying to communicate with then? :) I might have misunderstood you here, but if you could clarify that part, it would be great :)


Hello I found the problem as I was flying into Los Angeles airport I had no problem communicating with the ground ksan then I took off tried to contact approach 4 Los Angeles Los Angeles approach keep contacting me but I could not contact them so I shut down the app restarted the phone and went back into the game tried the same flight but the same result happened so when I say I am staying away from air traffic control means until the problem is sorted I will be staying away from High Traffic areas

To help clarify and trouble shoot, was this on the Training Server or the Expert?

Training server as I have been off IF for months due to sickness and lost my grade to fly in expert

Ok. Is it possible that Approach was trying to contact you, but you where too far out to contact them?

Someone new to ATC Approach might not know the range that aircraft can contact them.

Perhaps try the reverse flight, start at LAX and fly to KSAN so you start off with the ATC there?


Hello I was trying to contact with approach all the way to the glide slope then I tried contacting tower tower would not respond it is very strange so that’s two different controllers that can’t contact

Right, ok that’s helped with the trouble shooting.

I really appreciate your help and time it’s just very strange

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During these flights, are you leaving the app at any point? Pausing for a longer time period?

No I stay in the app the whole time as I learnt that years ago not to switch between

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That’s good!
Your internet connection is stable in general otherwise?

As @David_Lockwood mentioned, a reverse situation would be good.
Reason I’m asking, is because I’ve seen a few reports like this before… many of them are about KLAX frequencies. So if there are something specifically going on with KLAX, we need to look closer at it :)


My internet is 5 bars of 4G network I was thinking it could be my phone it’s a P20 mate pro but if it was the game would stuff up in other areas I would think